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Goats for Hire!

July 24, 2023

Our goats offer an alternative to traditional yard and property services! As an eco-friendly, sustainable way to clear land of invasive vines and thick low lying brush, the goats natural ability of chewing and digestion destroys a majority of the plant's seeds. This process helps to stop the cycle of reseeding, something cutting, bush hogging and mowing exacerbate. When the goats are finished, the property is left with a natural manicured look!

          Goats & Invasive Species Removal

June 4, 2024

 We are hard at work this season! Now offering invasive species removal/by uprooting with our an eco-friendly alternative.  Contact us today to learn how we can remove unwanted brush while keeping your ecosystem in tacked and Chemical Free!

Spring Kids Have Arrived!

March 26, 2023

Spring kids have finally arrived!!! Fresh raw milk will soon be available! We have a back list for the goat milk again this year. If you are interested I can put you on that list and notify you when there is an availability, just leave a text message with your name and number, with a small message about your interest and I will contact you. We are partnering with a semi-local dairy to be able to service more customers with Raw Goat Milk and RAW COW MILK  !