About Us

Hi, we are The Family Goat Farm!

We are a small family-owned goat farm selling goat milk and goat milk soap. We also rent our goats for land clearing, as they are cute and efficient landscapers.

About Our Goats

The Family Goat Farm is also NC state certified for the sell of Raw Goat Milk Treat for Dogs. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. North Carolina laws states: It is not legal to sell raw milk for human consumption in North Carolina.

My family and I uphold strict sanitary standards to keep the milk safe. We milk our goats twice a day, filter, and bring the milk to a safe temperature immediately. All our equipment, such as milk pails, filters, and glass jars are sanitized after every use. We handle ALL our milk to this standard, as we personally drink the milk ourselves. Our milk is tested for nutrition value and microbes.

Our goat girls are well taken care of with a diet of non-medicated grains, grasses and legumes, free choice of hay and minerals. All their health needs are met holistically. No animal bi-product feed, no artificial growth hormones and no antibiotics. They have open pasture during the day and are brought in each night to be snuggled down in their individual stalls. These goats are LOVED and well taken care of!

 Our farm is free of CAE, CL, and Johne's disease.