The Family Goat Farm

Homegrown in Bolivia, North Carolina

About Us

We are a small family-owned goat farm certified to sell Raw Goat Milk Treat for Dogs in North Carolina. We sell goat milk and goat milk soap. We also rent our goats for land clearing. They are cute, efficient, and eco-friendly seed destroying and invasive plant eating landscapers.


We have partnered with semi-local dairies this season to provide more customers with raw goats milk and raw cow milk, along with A2/A2 cow milk!

Our Services

Goat Milk and Goat Milk Soap

Our goat girls are well taken care of with a diet of non-medicated grains, grasses and legumes, free choice of hay and minerals.

Eco-friendly Goat Landscaping Services

Dealing with property so overgrown that it is difficult to do basic yard maintenance? That's where our goats come in!

See what's new on our farm

Our goats offer an alternative to traditional yard and property services! As an eco-friendly, sustainable way to clear land of invasive vines and thick low lying brush, the goats natural ability of chewing and digestion destroys a majority of the plant's seeds.

Our goat girls are hard at work this season! They are GREAT landscapers! Contact us today to learn how we can solve all of your vegetation problems with our an eco-friendly alternative to the traditional way of yard/property maintenance.

Spring kids have finally arrived! Fresh Raw Milk will soon be available. We have a back list for the goat milk again this year. We are now partnering with a semi-local dairy to be able to offer fresh Raw Goat Milk and Raw Cow Milk to new customers this season.

Goat Landscaping: Before & After

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Bolivia, NC